What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a farmer and her customer. The customer purchases a season’s share of produce with the satisfaction of knowing where his food comes from. In turn, the farmer gains a dedicated market and can better plan to supply quality food on a weekly basis. This system has roots in the more poetic-sounding Teikei model from Japan. It translates to "food with the farmer’s face on it."

The CSA model is beneficial to both the farmer and the member, but, it may not be for everyone. Like everything in life, there may always be a risk. If a bad strike of weather occurs, and prevents a crop from flourishing, we all feel it. Even if something may happen, the CSA members will always come first. If you decide the CSA is not for you, we hope you visit us at our farmstand this season. But sometimes if you can take a little risk, you can gain a big reward.


Our CSA Model

We can’t eat a bucket of turnips in a week, and we don’t expect you to either! 

When talking to friends who belong to CSA’s, we often hear that they get too much. Throwing away food doesn’t sound like sustainability to us, so we’ve decided to offer smaller shares at a lower price. Our share distributions are market-style, which gives you some flexibility.  Each week you get a quantity of the staples (lettuce, cucumbers, etc.), and you can choose between other items (i.e. a bag of spinach or a bunch of kale). There will also be a swap table where you can take what you like and leave what you don’t. We do not require you to work on the farm, but we encourage you to walk about and take part in our Pick Your Own Patch. If you find there just are not enough veggies in your bag to last the whole week, visit our farmstand to restock for that backyard bbq. Want to stock up for later? Abundant produce can be purchased to freeze for the winter months.