Happy Summer Solstice

[2017 CSA Week 3]

The new crop for this week is garlic scapes.  Scapes are essentially the flower stalk of the garlic plant -- think of them like a scallion, but garlic-flavored and solid (not hollow).  Chop them up and use them any way you'd use regular garlic.

Many people like to make garlic scape pesto.  If you're looking for them in bulk, we'll have extras to sell by next week.

Also, extra strawberries are available to buy at Weds pick-up, at the Saturday market, and all week long at Beech Hill Farm.  They might be the only local organic strawberries around.

This week's share...

  • Cucumber
  • Strawberries - still coming in strong
  • Garlic scapes
  • Salad Greens - a big harvest this week, so bags will be bigger than usual.  
  • Radish and Salad Turnips
  • Herbs -- dill and cilantro are coming in

Zucchini are just around the corner, Saturday folks might see the first ones this week.

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