CSA starts this week –- June 7

[2017 CSA Week 1]

If you're new to Work Song Farm's CSA, welcome!  We look forward to meeting you.

For all returning members, welcome back!

This year's CSA kicks off this week -- that's June 7 for Wednesday pick-ups, or June 10 for Saturday. 

Below are some important tidbits for our CSA members.  Please read if you are new this year.  Returning folks might also benefit from these reminders:

  1. We ask that you choose a regular day to pick up your share throughout the season, however we are flexible AS LONG AS YOU LET US KNOW ABOUT CHANGES AHEAD OF TIME.  This lets us make sure we have enough of everything to go around.
  2. Wednesday pick-up is from 4-7pm in our barn (across the road from Beech Hill Farm).
  3. Saturday pick-up is 9-noon at the Contoocook Farmers Market, or 10am-1pm at our barn. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHICH LOCATION YOU WILL BE COMING TO.
  4. Please check in when you come.  That way we know you got your share.
  5. If you can't get your share during pick-up times, we will bag it up for you (with your name on the bag) and leave it in our barn until 5pm the following day.  After that we donate it to local food pantries.  If you know you won't be able to get there, please let us know.  We'll be able to keep your share fresh in the cooler.
  6. Look for an email newsletter each week.  We'll try to let you know what items you'll be getting, with tips on how to use certain crops.
  7. Sometimes we offer extra produce in bulk, for those of you who like to freeze, can, or otherwise preserve the harvest.