Winter Squash

[ 2015 CSA Week 15 ]

Hoping you all had a great Labor Day weekend. It was sunny and glorious.

Work on the high tunnel is going strong, along with the harvesting and the weeds! We have started to clip the winter squash out in the field and have pulled more beds of onions to start curing as well. With rain in sight later in the week, we are hoping to be able to get them out of the field very soon. We also have visions of greens being seeded and transplanted into the high tunnels. Just need a few more hours in our days lately!

We will start handing out the first of the winter squash this week. Either Delicata or Acorn squash will be first as they don't need as much time in storage for their starches to convert to sugars. That being said, we will sample them for dinner and let you know if they should beautify your counter for a week before eating or if they are good for your dinner plate now. Check out these links for ideas on how to use your squash:

There are some great ideas that I have never thought of. Question is, will I have time to make pumpkin seed brittle? That might have to wait for winter.

Remember we have local maple syrup for sale. It is a great combination with your winter squash. A dollop of butter in the seed cavity and a drizzle of syrup topped with salt, pepper and a bit of crushed herbs. Classic!

This Week's Share...

Acorn/Delicata Squash
Peppers (hot and sweet)

Greens (whatever is out in those fields!)
PYO husk cherries
from now until frost (anytime you need them).
Flowers and Syrup for sale

It was a good run, but the cucumbers are over. There are some left out on the vines but they are quite iffy looking and taste pretty bitter. I will check the vines again next week after the rain and see if they are doing any better.

Delicata Squash

Delicata Squash