[2015 CSA Week 14]

Summer is starting to wrap up (not that you feel it with this week's weather); and some of the crops are winding down while others are starting to pick up. The tomatoes have a bit more life in them, but they are not looking as good for sure.The peppers, once ripe, get a peculiar ugly spot on them that needs a little attention. We will be picking them either mostly green or with the ugly spot on it that you can easily cut away. It is a bit of a mystery to us that we will look into come winter when things wind down. We will be giving you herbs, garlic and onions this week so you can get your sauce and salsa making up and running. Time to get that freezer and pantry stocked for winter months.

Pumpkins and winter squash are downright gorgeous and I am ready to get them in before a furry monster finds them first! The storage crops are going to be playing more of a main role in the shares in the weeks to come. Potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi,  onions and garlic. 

We have plenty of extra basil, peppers,and tomatoes that you can purchase for an even larger batch of sauce. We also have maple syrup and flowers for sale. If you have any spare pint boxes from the CSA that are clean and taking up space on your counter, we can reuse them! There will still be pick up on Saturday this week, even though it is Labor Day weekend. 

This week's share

PYO Husk Cherry Tomatoes (a tangy, sweet fruit for jams and chutneys)