Time to take a leek!

[ 2015 CSA Week 17 ]

With the first day of fall upon us, we thought you might want some fall decoration for your porch steps. Pumpkins this week! All the pumpkins (excluding the yellow ones) are edible. You won't want to eat them for a month or so, best to enjoy their beauty for a while. I am a sucker for pumpkins and want them all over my home. 

We harvested the butternut squash Sunday, Tom Brady style. Passing the squash from farmer to farmer, saying Nut, nut instead of hut, hut. Butternut needs about a month to cure, so you will get that towards the end of the CSA (which is Oct. 16th). This week you will get a choice of spaghetti squash or delicata. The spaghetti squash is a big favorite for those who are trying to cut back on the carbs and gluten, but for those that like gluten it still tastes good! 

We harvested some of our leeks and some potatoes. Maybe potato leek soup is on the menu this week? Leeks fresh from the farm can be a little dirty in the layers. Check out this link for how to wash them.  We are feeling a bit leeky to have this crop turn out so well. 

This week's share...

Pumpkins (gourds next week)
Spaghetti or Delicata Squash
(what is left)

Flowers and Maple Syrup for sale