A change in the air

[ 2015 CSA Week 16 ]

The farmers had a rough week last week. We felt as though we were in a mad rush to get onions and squash under cover from the elements and there was far too much that needed to be done. The acorn squash that looked beautiful when plucked from the vines, got sun scald in the hot weather. They have quite the ugly spot, but who doesn't get a little sunburn now and then? The squash still tastes delicious, but should be used soon.  Sadly we lost our loyal farm dog, George, on Wednesday night to complications from something being lodged in his throat. It was a great loss for us and we miss him following us around the farm and house getting into mischief.
There has been a shift in the air, and we are feeling like the clouds will lift a bit from us and the sky.

Much of the winter squash was spread out in the first high tunnel to cure and some more work on the second high tunnel has been completed. We even got some help from our "girls" at the farm (as you can see in the photo).

We are digging potatoes this week, since we fixed the bolt on the potato digger. Papa Cacho fingerlings are on the table this week.  They are maroon skinned, white fleshed tinged with pink. Like all fingerlings, they are great roasted but also good boiled up.

Pumpkins and gourds will be coming this week or next! I am ready for some fall beauty on my steps.

This week's share...

Acorn, Delicata or Spaghetti Squash.

Flowers and Maple Syrup for sale
The start of our eggs will be for sale as well. The girls are producing about 6 eggs a day.