2015 CSA Week 10

New this week…Celery, Carrots and Chinese Cabbage.

The celery is rugged. Delicious. But rugged. A whole different ball game compared to the stuff found in the grocery stores. It is darker green, less watery, and packs a whole lot of celery power. It is best to remove the top leaves from the stalks (but feel free to keep them in a freezer bag for stock). I would also remove the bottom portion, clean and wrap in a damp paper towel with plastic bag around it. If you find it is getting a bit limp before you get through it all, chop and freeze on a cookie sheet. They texture is a bit soft after being frozen but it is just heavenly in a winter soup.

Chinese Cabbage, also know as Napa Cabbage, is a great addition to stir fries, krauts and kimchi, as a replacement for green/red cabbage in a slaw, stuffed, and in (one of my favorite dishes) an Asian noodle salad.

Carrots? I am not sure I need to discuss what to do with those orange beauties! I will say that they hold up in your fridge much better if put in a plastic bag. Although, it can be hard keeping them around long enough to have them go soft.

This Week’s Share…

Carrots/Beets/Chinese Cabbage
Zucchini/Summer Squash
Radish/Salad Turnips
are slowly coming in, so we will have them for some. No worries you will all get them shortly!