Egg hunt

[2015 CSA Week 13]

We wanted to send along a very, very large thank you to our crew this summer. Kacie left on her big adventure earlier this month and Madeline is headed off to school on Thursday. You girls have been rock stars this summer. Thank you from the bottom of our wheelbarrows and hearts for all your weeding, picking, packing, sorting, laughing and chicken hugging. You are welcome back anytime and we greatly appreciate you!

On that note, if anyone wants to come help in some heroic weeding...let us know! :) 

Potatoes are back this week. We will be digging up the Kennebec potato, an all purpose spud with tan skin and white flesh. The quintessential Maine Potato. 

We found the first chicken treasures yesterday. Gladys and the Pips (our slightly older hens) produced the first two eggs! Lucky for us, they chose to lay the eggs in the nesting boxes and not among the poison ivy. The girls have been happily playing in the buckwheat cover crop at the farm, eating out of our compost piles, and chasing us around when we go near. Happy girls!

This week's share...

Tomatoes (hopefully not too many split in the rain)
Peppers (sweet and hot)

No lettuce this week, but after all this rain I bet they will size up in the field shortly!

Flowers and Maple Syrup for sale.