2015 CSA Week 6

I find it rather embarrassing when shopping at the grocery store. Full disclosure, my cart is primarily filled with cheese, ice cream, and chips. And I can't forget the cold beer of course. I have a few fruits and vegetables thrown in there that I can't grow or live without (bananas and avocados always in demand at our house) but overall, it is not the healthiest looking cart, especially this time of year. I guess I will take the feeling of shame at the register over the grocery store vegetables any day. Maybe I should invest in a few farm t-shirts to wear so everyone knows I really do eat a lot of veggies!

Here is a fast and enjoyable way to eat your radish and turnips. A quick refrigerator pickle that packs a potent punch when you open the container, but offers a refreshing additions to salads and sandwiches. You know they must be good for you when they smell like that (and with a quick few minutes of researching radish...they are SUPER good for you). 

The Pickled Radish Recipe: 


This week's share...

Possibly lettuce (if it sizes up over night)
Summer Squash/ Zucchini
Broccoli/Cabbage (starting to come in, some will get, others will get it next week)