2015 CSA Week 9

Lots is happening at the farm these days. We have broken ground on a second high tunnel which will provide us with a great many greens in the winter this year and give us a jump start to the warm season crops come spring.

The tomatoes are starting to ripen! There is something just so very amazing when you bite into that first ripe tomato of the season. Summer Love. We will try to get them to you all as quickly as we can.

We hear Hillary Clinton will be in town today and we are interested to see all the excitement on the street.

We are in search of additional farm crew as our gang is leaving this upcoming month. We are sad to say that our great workers will be leaving us shortly. Kacie is off on an adventure to Frostburg, Maryland starting in the beginning of August; and come mid-August, Madeline is headed back to Bates College in Maine.We have loved having the girls around this summer. They have been a HUGE help on the farm. Always quick to help with any project and helping to keep the mood up no matter what the circumstance.

We are looking to have some replacement workers at the farm. If you know of any hardworking folks that would like to work outside, getting good and dirty, we would love to meet them.

Blakeney's Bakery is offering a second round of bread shares. I sent along a separate email with all the info. Let me know if you need it again!

We have maple syrup for sale too. It makes a great addition in a quick salad dressing.

This week's share....

Cucumbers, cucumbers and more cucumbers!
Lettuce/Salad Greens
Hot Peppers

The start of tomatoes and melons will be coming shortly!  Also on the way are carrots and potatoes.