2015 CSA Week 5

Happy 4th of July to you all. Hard to believe that is already here!

Looks like you will be able to bring a salad for your holiday picnics and cookouts. We have a new salad topping for you. Hakurei turnips are also known as salad turnips. They do not need to be cooked like the turnips you find in the fall/winter. Less bitter than your typical turnip, a simple slice or grate, then top on your salad or slaw. There are many delicious sounding recipes for a simple maple glaze on top of a sauteed Hakurei. A quick refrigerator pickle for the turnips and/or radish can also be a refreshing twist.

We have been busy at the farm seeding and battling weeds. We are investing in more deer fencing for our lower field by the barn. At the end of the week our late planting of brassicas will be transplanted (yay to Brussels Sprouts). Attached is a shot of our early planting of brassicas. Your weekly kale has been coming from this planting and cabbage and broccoli will be here before you know it.

Happy 4th to you all,
Your farmers.

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