2015 CSA Week 3

We are excited to offer you a bit more variety this week at the farm.

Kale is being incorporated to the offering of greens. Now, you too will be part of the superfood trend. Both the kale and the swiss chard pack a powerful punch of vegetable nutrients and both can be treated the same as spinach. Next week, Traci from Fresh Roots Nutrition will be at the Wednesday CSA pick up with some tips and tricks for some of the mystery CSA beauties. She will be at the farm from 5:00-600 to introduce you to your CSA share. Saturday folks can swing by too, we just ask you to wait for your veggies until the weekend.

Garlic scapes are starting to come in. The scape is essentially the flower stalk of the garlic plant (though garlic does not produce a true flower) and, thankfully, is delicious. By removing the scape we force all the energy of the plant into making a big, glorious bulb. The scape can be treated the same as a head/bulb of garlic. Try them chopped into a dip or dressing, sauteed, as a pesto, or even grilled whole (a fish basket works well for this).

Blakeney's bread is away this week. If you have pre-ordered bread, we will have it for you at pick up and a small assortment of bread for sale. Next week they are back with your pre-orders and a larger selection of bread for purchasing.

This week's share...

Peas/Strawberries (for some, we will make sure you all get at least once)
Greens Option
Kohlrabi: Goofy looking, but good.  Like cabbage, but solid, not leafy.  Peel and chop and eat raw, grate into salads or slaws, or simply stir fry.
Garlic Scapes