2015 CSA Week 2

This week we're picking mostly leafy things -- spicy salad greens, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, and some herbs -- though we also have some strawberries and peas.  Bear with us: as each crop matures there is only a little at first, but soon they will produce abundantly.  The strawberries are especially tricky in the CSA shares because they ripen gradually, and they don't keep more than a day or two.  We will have to dole out the tasty red gems to some of you this week, and some next.  For herbs we have dill, cilantro, and oregano.  Cucumbers are right on the horizon (Saturday folks might see the first of them).  Garlic scapes and kale should be ready next week, and if we get some warm nights, zucchini should be just around the corner.

We hope everyone enjoyed the first CSA pick up. We did have a few confusions about picking up.

Here is a quick reminder.

Wednesday folks: Pick up is 4-7 at our farm. We will bag up your share at the end of pick up and you have all day Thursday to pick up. After that it is donated. You can not pick your share up at Saturday's pick up without prior arrangement.

Saturday folks, please choose either the Farm (10-1:00) for a location or the farmer's market in downtown Contoocook (9-noon).  If you can't make it to that pick up, your share will be bagged and left at our farm until Sunday. After Sunday, it will be donated. Thanks for your cooperation on this and thank you to the few (very understanding and most likely very sad) folks who did not receive their veggies this week due to the confusion.