2015 CSA Week 7

This week we started to harvest the garlic. Us farmers always get excited at garlic time. Like digging carrots, it is such a pleasant surprise when they are unearthed. We all know garlic has very large health benefits but we also determined that the potent powers of garlic are quite possibly a DIY tick repellent or birth control....the smell seeping out of our pores, no one wants to be near! ;)

We also will have some amaranth as part of the greens option this week. Amaranth, also know as Callaloo, it is a beautiful but hearty green that needs to be cooked. I am pretty sure it has a lot of oxalic acid in it that should be cooked off so it is easier to digest. It works well sauteed with some garlic, herbs and balsamic vinegar. Full share members have already received this green earlier in the season and we have had some mixed reviews on it. I personally find it hard to eat a bowl of the green on it's own, but do like it sauteed up and mixed with some grilled/roasted mixed veggies and a pasta. We don't have enough to offer everyone, so it will be incorporated with the kale/chard choice.

This Week's Share...

Some salad turnips
Greens option (kale, amaranth, chard)
possibly lettuce/salad greens?