Saying goodbye to some veggies and hello to others

[ 2015 CSA Week 18 ]

We had our first frost on Saturday night, September 26, just before the super, harvest moon eclipse.  The field tomatoes are totally wiped out now, as are the flowers.  We salvaged a good amount of peppers, and we've still got some eggplant and tomatoes in the greenhouse.  Even under the protection of the greenhouse, though, the tomatoes ripen very slowly, and, honestly, they just don't taste as good in the fall, so we're ripping those out to make way for winter hardy greens.  

There will be lots of green tomatoes coming off the vines.  There are lots of good recipes you can find for things like green tomato relish, fried green tomatoes, roasted green tomatoes, etc.

We cooked up a butternut squash this week, and it was pretty good.  We think they'll continue to improve over the next couple of weeks, as the starches turn into sugars.  They'll be available this week.  You can decide whether you want to try them now or let them sit in your cupboard for a while.

For those of you who haven't yet tried the watermelon radish -- they're a mild tasting storage variety, so they'll keep for months in your fridge.  While not very striking on the outside, the inside is a beautiful pink (hence the name).  We like to peel and grate it to add pizzazz to salads.

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Super moon chickens

Super moon chickens