This is the last week!

[ 2015 CSA Week 20 ]

Many of you have been asking if we are offering a fall/winter CSA this year.  We will not, but you can still find us at the Contoocook Farmers Market every Saturday morning.  We're outside at the train depot (9am-noon) until the end of the month.  November-May we're at the Hopkinton Town Hall (near the Cracker Barrel store) 10am-1pm.

As a CSA member you'll still have some benefits through the winter.  We'll let you know when popular crops (like spinach or lettuce) are available, so you can get to the market early for them.  We also offer bulk discounts on certain items.  If you're interested in large quantities of anything, just ask us.

We like to use the slower winter months to reflect on the past year, and try to improve our methods.  We really appreciate any feedback you can give us.  If there are aspects of the CSA you think we can improve -- new crops, more/less of a crop, pick-up times, newsletter information, etc -- please let us know.  Email us, talk to us, leave an anonymous note in the farm stand cashbox: however you like to get in touch, we want your input.

Thanks for joining the farm this year.  CSA stands for community supported agriculture.  You're the community and the support that makes our agriculture possible.

We hope to continue to see you at the market or around town through springtime.  Be healthy and happy!

Your grateful farmers,
Abby and Dan, Maggie too!

This week's share

(an assortment of)....
Root Crops (carrots, beets, turnips, radish)
Chard, celery, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage